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About us

We believe that small business owners deserve to be paid on time, with minimal fuss. We designed Go Get Paid so that with just a few taps you can generate simple customer payment requests and receive your money instantly.

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We understand

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Supporting small businesses

Go Get Paid was created to help small businesses like yours thrive. Our app makes it easy for people to pay for your services on time and gives you instant access to the money you’ve earned. No more chasing late payments and tackling boring admin. 

We understand the pressures that sole-traders and small businesses face so regardless of who you bank with our service will help you get paid instantly. 

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Safe, secure and regulated

The payments sector is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure the highest standards of technology, security and integrity. We have become agents of Moneyhub to ensure the Go Get Paid service is fully compliant with these industry regulations, giving you peace of mind that our app is supported by these standards, to which both Go Get Paid and Moneyhub can be held accountable. You can see our terms and conditions and those of Moneyhub within the app, and we will also link to them when we contact you directly.

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