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It’s time
to get paid


Are you a small business struggling with late payments? Are you a sole trader looking to get paid quickly and easily? Does your business want to eliminate costly card processing fees? Get paid instantly with the Go Get Paid app.

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Go Get Paid automates account to account payments instantly. Directly from your customers bank account to yours , all without sharing bank details. ​With the app, you can:

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Send payment requests via email, SMS, QR code or WhatsApp

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Receive instant payments, the money arrives in your account the moment the customer pays 

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Chase late payments with one tap 

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Automate financial admin

Gain visibility of your cash flow

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What makes us different?

Unlike other services we don’t hold your cash, so you can receive your money instantly into your account of choice. 

We're instant
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We're secure

We use existing bank technology to make sure your details are safe and your payments secure - no wrong amounts or wrong accounts. Payment requests go straight to your banking provider and we don’t even see your account details. We just make sure you get paid. ​


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A monthly subscription of £5 a month* with no hidden costs. We want you to grow, which is why our payment structure is fair and simple. 

*Fee does not apply to accounts with The Co-operative Bank. Price does not include VAT.

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